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J A P A N E S E  I N S P I R E D


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J A P A N E S E   I N S P I R E D


At Gaijin, our goal is to provide our guests with an unique dining experience in a modern environment along with an non-obtrusive service.

Join us for an Japanese inspired culinary journey!

Executive Chef Mark uses traditional Japanese cooking technique and ingredients while incorporating

his own inspiration to the dishes including his 

signature nigrizushi toppings.



In Japanese, “Gaijin” literally means "outside person."  A Chicago native co-owner and executive chef Mark fell in love with Japanese cuisine while working at Sushi Samba. He approached Chef Kaze to formally train and mentor him. Chef Kaze agreed, and so began a decade long relationship during which Mark rose to the top of the Chicago restaurant scene.


Chef Mark has worked in a variety of restaurant, kitchen and chef positions throughout his culinary career, including grade-manger chef, expediter, line cook, pantry chef, event server and sous chef. His broad experience lends him an understanding of the kitchen/server/staff relationship and the dynamics that go into running a successful restaurant.


His artistic eye and creative skills are influenced by his training under Chef Kaze, a veteran Chicago sushi chef with a 30-year history of opening innovative and wildly successful sushi restaurants (Heat, Mirai Sushi, Macku Sushi). Chef Mark served as sushi chef at Kaze Sushi, the namesake establishment founded by Chef Kaze and rated one of the top ten sushi spots in the nation by Bon Appetit. He was Executive Sushi Chef at several prominent Chicago Japanese restaurants. Most recently, he collaborated with both Chef Kaze and Michelin-starred chef Jeff Ramsey, renowned culinary engineer of BABE, to develop the menu and design the sushi bar for the opening of Momotaro, a multi-dimensional sushi spot, izakaya and bar that quickly became one of the hottest new restaurants in the area.  Following his success in Chicago, Chef Garcia felt it was time to bring his culinary inspiration to New York.


Mark’s love of Japanese cuisine, influenced by his “outsider” perspective, are what led him to open Gaijin. Gaijin is his take on modern Japanese. We hope you enjoy his inspiration. 

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